Control Layer Assessment Workstation

your way to a 4X boost in cybersecurity capabilities



CLAW works at the speed of the cyber operator

Adding CLAW to your cybersecurity arsenal is like doubling your analysts’ bandwidth… and doubling it again.

CLAW by CybernetIQ is a true view of the network that brings all of your cybersecurity defences into alignment. No other cybersecurity technology has CLAW’s simple, interactive view of your entire network to give your analysts the proactive power to scan, see, assess and respond to threats across OT, enterprise, and IoT networks.

You can’t protect what you can’t see

A cybersecurity program that focuses only on threats is only going to show you what you already know. That’s why CLAW shows you the entire cybersecurity perspective in a single frame and exposes the illegitimate paths created by bad actors and threat agents. Because you can’t protect what you can’t see.

Threat Hunting

CLAW searches your network to find, isolate and contextualize threats so your analysts can deploy countermeasures quickly to reduce exposure, and mitigate defensive weaknesses before a threat becomes a breach.


CLAW aligns the configuration, coordination, and management of all of your cybersecurity tools into a single control layer assessment workstation so you can get the most from your existing point solutions.

Incident Response
CLAW puts everything into actionable context for your cyber operators – the nature of the incident, the devices involved, the zones affected and data exfiltration routes – so your SecOps team can prioritize and accelerate the response to security events.
Vulnerability Scanning

CLAW simplifies and accelerates vulnerability scanning by issuing scheduled (or on-demand) commands to your cybersecurity tools and combining the results with more than 130 data and information sources to create a clear and comprehensive view of the risks to your network so your analysts know exactly where to focus their enrichment and remediation activities.

Is it SOAR? Is it SIEM?

CLAW is a military-grade attack surface analysis (ASA) platform that consolidates protection, detection, and remediation capabilities in a single frame to deliver what most SIEM and SOAR tools only promise – a truly holistic view of your network.

With most cybersecurity platforms and tools, analysts must struggle with line after line of undifferentiated threat and vulnerability data – and they’re expected to simply know which line to act on and in what order. 

With CLAW, it’s easy for your analysts to see the threat and vulnerability data and the full security context of each device, along with direct access to their response tools – all in a unified security operations environment that can generate a multiplier boost in analyst efficiency and effectiveness.

Be up and hunting the same day

CLAW is a fast, light-weight installation that can be deployed in the cloud or on-site. Instantly deployable to your analysts is through a familiar browser interface so there is no local components to install

Your CybernetIQ support engineer will help you set up the required data connectors in minutes and the list of standard networking and cyber security data and information sources supported includes the following:


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Microsoft Azure

Network Discovery






Cyber Tools and Firewalls




Carbon Black






McAfee ePO

Tenable Nessus


Palo Alto










New and custom data importers can be created in days.

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