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Here’s the story about a company disrupting cybersecurity with technology and software.

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The industry can be better.

“Too many false positives”

“My cyber analysts are overworked”

“I have too many tools”

“I can’t even keep up with patches”

As a cybersecurity expert, Founder Joe Cummins saw the fundamental flaw in cybersecurity as an industry fighting ever growing threats with disparate tools that more often than not made things more complicated, expensive and lacking any positive business impact.

With the creation of CybernetIQ and it’s software CLAW, Joe and the team have sought to create an industry leading solution that connects all cyber security systems under one umbrella. CLAW allows organizations to easily identify and control each individual layer of the network environment to ensure the safety, security and resilience of Critical Infrastructure and Enterprise systems.  

The CybernetIQ team has the highest credentials and includes industry award winners, published authors, and respected thought leaders who regularly speak at leading security conferences including: Black Hat Arsenal, RSA, DEFCON, Blue Hat, CPNI, SANS, and SERENE.


Joe Cummins

Joe Cummins is a career cybersecurity professional and entrepreneur who has led CybernetIQ since inception. Over the course of his career, Joe has successfully created and sold a series of software tools focused on solving real-world cybersecurity challenges including TOTEM (Industrial Controls software) FocalRecon (Unmanned Data Storage), as well as other technologies that have been developed under contract to various private and public organizations. Additionally, He has also served as an interim CIO / CISO for other startups in the Ottawa community including, but not limited to, BoldRadius, Zariba Security, Unmanned Systems Centre, and MC2.

In addition to his corporate leadership with CybernetIQ, Joe is an internationally recognized cybersecurity expert. His tours of duty and international projects focused primarily on the performance of risk assessments and cybersecurity audits of multinational control systems. Through these engagements the foundational concepts for CLAW were initially conceived.

Mr. Cummins holds the gold standard of available certifications in his field with OSSTMM certification as an Open Source Penetration Tester, as well as a certification from the Critical Infrastructure Institute professional in critical infrastructure protection, recognized from the Register of Security Engineers and Specialists (RSES). Mr. Cummins is a SANS certified instructor, recognized as the premier training and certification body globally for Cyber Security, and notably has trained individuals within 5I’s, NATO and ASIAPACCOM since 2010.

Mr. Cummins has been academically published author “SMART City Connectivity to Support Municipal and Community Resilience” (2016 – Hay, Philips, Cummins, Miazga) as part of the United for Smart Sustainable Cities (U4SSC) Initiative, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)

Under Mr. Cummins’ leadership, CybernetIQ has been invited to present at multiple industry-recognized events and conferences such as BLACK HAT ASIA and is a member of the Mackenzie Institute in Toronto, where he regularly contributes and lectures on national security matters related to cybersecurity and cyber resilience.

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