Catch the Threats that Others Can’t

Unleash the full potential of your existing cyber security tools, and get visibility of your network and assets, so you can find potential threats and protect yourself from attacks.

Get Full Network Visibility

View every device and asset in your network, consolidated into one single immersive view. Our Attack Surface Analysis tool, CLAW, gives you military-grade visibility trusted by organizations across the globe.

Instantly Level Up Your Existing Team

Instantly level up your existing team without adding to headcount. Attack Surface Analysis increases the efficiencies of both senior and junior level operators – no additional hiring needed.

Close Gaps and Reveal Existing Vulnerabilities

Discover the gaps between your systems and toolsets, and reveal your existing vulnerabilities so you can reduce your attack surface and prevent attacks.

Join the Organizations that
Can See Everything with CLAW’s Attack Surface Analysis Platform

SOC That Doesn’t Suck

No More Guessing.
No More False Positives.

Get one single source of truth, and stop guessing. With CLAW, all your data from all your existing cybersecurity tools is accessible in one interactive lens.

CLAW enables your team to:

  • Reduce the time to remediation
  • Eliminate false positives
  • Eliminate alert fatigue
  • Get one single source of truth

Cybersecurity threats are more frequent, sophisticated, and complex than ever.

The convergence of multilayered IT, OT, and IoT networks makes it harder than ever to see the complete picture – and easier for threats to hide. Consolidating and interpreting data from a single vendor stack is only a partial solution.

Data Breaches Cost Organizations an Average of $3.8M

Misaligned organizations have too much to lose to reveal their environment’s gaps and vulnerabilities. It’s well documented that data breaches go far more than financial loss: reputational damage, operational downtime, loss of sensitive data, and potential legal action remain factors for even the staunchest INFOSEC team.

Reliance on Human Analysis Leaves Room for Error

Juggling multiple cyber toolsets that don’t play nice leaves too much room for flawed error and bias. The over-reliance on manual detection opens a window of opportunity for critical data breaches.

Gaps in Existing Systems Expose Vulnerabilities

In today’s cyber landscape, too many tools are needed to protect an organization’s perimeter, network, applications, data, and critical assets. Unfortunately, each tool owns only a small piece of the landscape, and data is rarely complete or current.

Only 1% of Breaches Are Noticed Due to Lack of Visibility

The disconnect between systems within an organization’s cyber toolset creates an influx of disorganized and incomplete data, resulting in a lack of clarity and reduced visibility. This critical lack of visibility can lead to breaches going undetected.


We integrate with everything. If you need it, we integrate with it.

All the Data, from All Your Existing Tools.
In One Place.

Maximize your current cybersecurity investments, and get the most out of the tools you already have. Our military-grade Attack Surface Analysis platform, CLAW, consolidates protection, detection, and remediation capabilities in a single frame to deliver what most SIEM and SOAR tools only promise – a truly holistic view of your network.

By consolidating the data from all your existing cybersecurity tools, you’re able to see your entire network: no gaps, no blindspots.

Unleash the Full Potential
of Your Security Investments.

Combine all your cybersecurity tools in a single solution

See every device, asset, and path on your network

Focus your response on the threats that matter most

Here’s what Others are Saying

Solve Your
Skills Shortage.

You’ve never been so close to closing the gap between your team and existing technologies.

With CLAW by CybernetIQ, your team can level up their understanding of what’s in the network, simplify existing complex processes, and remove tiresome obstacles to your daily mission.

Built by cyber security operators for cyber security operators, CLAW is a military-grade attack surface analysis platform that integrates all of your existing cyber security partners, playbooks, products, into a single interface to enable your team to see exactly where their cyber security exists.

Leveraging our proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities, designed by national defence and our security and intelligence partners, we are able to increase any organizations ability to understand where their shortcomings are and amplify the efforts that are essential to maintaining a safe secure and resilient network.

You Can’t Fight What You Can’t See.

Discover your existing gaps with CLAW, before someone else does.


CLAW searches your network to find, isolate and contextualize threats so your analysts can deploy countermeasures quickly to reduce exposure, and mitigate defensive weaknesses before a threat becomes a breach.


CLAW puts everything into actionable context for your cyber operators: the nature of the incident, the devices involved, the zones affected, and data exfiltration routes, so your SecOps team can prioritize and accelerate the response.


CLAW simplifies and accelerates vulnerability scanning by issuing commands to your cybersecurity tools and combining the results with more than 130 data and information sources to create a comprehensive view of the risks to your network.

See CLAW in Action

Request a live demo to see the full capabilities of CLAW – customized with your information. You’ll get access to a complete view of your data, discover existing gaps within your system, and find where your vulnerabilities lie.

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